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Montreal Museum of fine-arts
1380, Sherbrooke Ouest
Montreal, QC H3G 1J5

Pointe-à-Callière Museum
350, place Royale
Montreal, QC H3G 1J5

Artovino Atelier Galerie d’Art
54  River street
Stanbridge East, QC J0J 2H0


We give South America artisans an opportunity to preserve their traditions as we take their works to new frontiers.


Identity, culture and history

You will discover more than decorative objects. Our pieces are real fine arts, they are entirely handmade in the respect of the environment by artists who cherish their identity, their culture and their history. They are marked by great human values, by the sense and the richness that represent centuries of pre-Columbian culture of South America.

Discover the beauty of ancestral know-how and its traditions.



Andes best kept secret revealed

Tamo D’oro is a decoration technique developed long before the colonial era on the Andes mountains. This process involves applying fine golden wheat fibers onto a piece of Amazonian wood. These fibers are dyed with natural pigments creating a variety of colors. They are then heated and flattened, then cut and applied one by one on the surface of the work. This unique art, one of the longest and most delicate in the world, is recognized as a human heritage.

An art appreciated as much for its complexity as for the quality and the variety of its colors and patterns.

1. Wheat straws are first stained for several hours in hot water baths and natural pigments.

2. Then the artisan gently cuts each rod in its entire length and flatten it by heating it and gluing it on a tissue paper.

3. The craftsman cuts thin strips that he applies one by one to the piece using wood glue, according to the desired pattern.

4. The last step is the varnishing. For protection, each piece receives three to four layers of varnish that protect the work.

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